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The Best Type Face Mask To Wear For Travel And Long Flights 2021

  • by Juntang Zhang

A well-fitted mask covers the mouth and the nose and leaves no gaps around the edges to prevent unfiltered air from being inhaled. A mask with layers will help prevent droplets [from] getting inside your mask or getting out if you are unwell.

"Refusing to follow safety guidelines such as wearing a face mask on an airplane can result in much more than your removal from an aircraft.”

Keep reading for some of the best masks to wear while flying.

1. Evolvetogether Amazonia Face Masks

$35.97 (30 PCs)

Evolvetogether Amazonia Face Masks


 2. Athleta Everyday Non Medical Face Mask

 $25 (5 PCs)

Athleta Everyday Non Medical Face Mask

Athleta makes several face mask varieties, although its version made for everyday wear comes with three layers of protection, making it a great option for travel.


 3. KalorCare Fashion Style Edge Face Masks

$19.99 (10 PCs)

KalorCare 10 PCs Disposable Face Masks for Adults

 [ BUY NOW ]


4. Old Navy Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Adults

$12.50 (5 PCs)

Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Adults

Designed per CDC recommendations, Old Navy's pack of face masks includes pleated, triple-layered cloth numbers with cutesy prints.


KalorCare 10 PCs face masks extra discount


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